Copper concepts (Download Now)

Copper concepts (Download Now)

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Link copper beads with silver chain for a gleaming necklace and earring set

Linda J. Augsburg

Growing up on a farm in Illinois influenced my life and my perceptions of the world around me. The color palette of my memory includes the brilliant blues of a summer sky after a cleansing rain; the deep, rich shades of black in a field just turned; the golden hues of cornstalks rustling softly in a breeze. Writing this as fall approaches, I recall the patchwork of autumn colors visible from our hilltop farmstead - shades of copper, olive, straw, and soil-black - as the crops, one by one, were harvested. The shine of metal farm implements slicing through the copper-colored fields is forever etched on my mind, a combination that drew me to these copper and pewter beads.


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