Bead&Button December 2010

Bead&Button December 2010

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Queen of the sea
By Jenny Van
Simple modifications of stitches can produce the most stunning results. Placing smaller beads opposite larger ones in tubular herringbone produces a gentle curve, and switching the beads sends the curve in the other direction, creating the perfect places to tuck in crystals and pearls.
pg. 30

Heirloom treasures
By Cathy Lampole
Decorate your tree with glass ornaments that are surrounded by bead-woven medallions and rings.
pg. 34

Reagal presentation
By Mark Avery
Beaded beads are the focal point of this strung necklace. The availability of a variety of faceted and round gemstones widens your color options. Let this necklace inspire your own version.
pg. 39

Facing the muse
By Ann Dee Allen
Artist Profile of lampworker Janice Peacock. She left bead making behind, only to rediscover her passion.
pg. 44

Star pendant
By Smadar Grossman
Alternate peyote and herringbone stitch to form a festive frame for a cabochon or rivoli.
pg. 48

Twisted lantern pendant
By Lisa Barth
Wire-wrap prongs to encase a gemstone focal bead between filigree bead caps.
pg. 52

Crisscrossed crystals
By Nancy Sebestyen
Use crossweave technique to work a bracelet of crystals and pearls, then embellish it with more sparkle.
pg. 58

It takes a village
By Carol Ventura
Ghana is known for its beautiful woven Kente and printed Adinkra cloths, recycled-glass beads, colorful sculpted coffins, and of course, unique lost-wax-cast beads. Ashanti craftspeople produce detailed brass beads through lost-wax casting.
pg. 62

Triple play
By Gohar Breyl
Use tubular peyote and tubular herringbone stitches to make crystal-encrusted frames and medallions for a bracelet, earrings, and ring.
pg. 64

Grand circles
By Jonna Ellis Holston
Connect a necklace of radiating herringbone rings with herringbone strips and pearl centers.
pg. 72

The right connection
By Eileen Spitz
Bicone crystals worked in right-angle weave connect peyote tubes to an odd-count peyote bracelet.
pg. 78

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