Astronomy May 2014

Astronomy May 2014

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Peering inside a monster galaxy
by Steve Nadis
X-rays tell an explosive tale about the inner workings of M87 a giant elliptical galaxy in the Virgo cluster that ranks among the most massive in the local universe.

Secret lives of supermassive stars
by Yvette Cendes
The most massive stars burn through their material incredibly fast, die in fantastic explosions, and have long-lasting effects on their neighborhoods.

A dream night with the Discovery Channel Telescope
by Tom Polakis
Few observers are able to use an instrument with a 14-foot mirror. For one night, Tom Polakis saw how the universe looks through such a behemoth.

View Ceres and Vesta at their best
by Richard Talcott
Take time this spring to track down the two brightest asteroids.

24 gems near the North Celestial Pole
by Michael E. Bakich
Point your telescope northward any clear night, and you'll see some of the best star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies in the sky.

See Saturn in prime time
by Michael E. Bakich
Don't wait any longer. The time to observe Saturn is now!

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