Astronomy December 2013

Astronomy December 2013

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Speaking the language of the cosmos
by Bob Berman
Let's take the scare factor out of equations and ask scientists a fundamental question: How much of astronomy is math?

Torrid Mercury's icy poles
by James E. Oberg
The MESSENGER spacecraft reveals water ice lurking in deeply shadowed craters.

Spacecraft: Where are they now?
by Yvette Cendes
What happens after planetary missions end?

Behind the scenes at Celestron
by Michael E. Bakich
For more than 50 years, this innovative company has helped amateur astronomers observe the sky.

Comet ISON's dazzling all-night show
by Richard Talcott
This cosmic interloper should remain a grand sight throughout these long December nights.

11 top winter binocular gems
by Phil Harrington
One supernova remnant, two double stars, and eight clusters beckon cold-weather skygazers.

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