Astronomy September 2013

Astronomy September 2013

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How solar storms could shut down Earth
By Bob Berman
A serious solar storm could cause an electromagnetic mess that might take a decade to clean up.
pg. 22

The new search for alien intelligence
By David L. Chandler
Hunting for ET now involves Dyson spheres, infrared signals, and laser communications.
pg. 28

Astronomers reveal the universe's hidden structure
By Steve Nadis
Dark matter makes up barely one-fourth of the cosmos, but it forms the scaffolding on which normal matter congregates.
pg. 44

Get your first peek at Comet ISON
By Richard Talcott
Although still two months from glory, this visitor from the solar system's depths promises to be a morning treat through small telescopes.
pg. 50

A fond farewell to Comet PANSTARRS
By Michael E. Bakich
The best comet in six years proved to be a superb target for astroimagers.
pg. 52

David Levy's lifetime of observations
By David H. Levy
Keeping a logbook is more than just a way to track your observations it's a written history of your relationship with the night sky. Just ask this famed comet hunter.
pg. 54

Astronomy's fourth annual Star Products
By Phil Harrington
Innovative designs, technological breakthroughs, and great values continue to wow us in 2013's best 35 products.
pg. 58

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