Astronomy June 2013

Astronomy June 2013

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2013ís historic Russian meteorite fall
By James E. Oberg
The largest meteorite to light up Earthís sky in more than a century exploded above Russiaís Ural Mountains.
pg. 18

Buzz Aldrin on our future in space
By Buzz Aldrin
From Moon rovers practicing in Hawaii to astronauts controlling lunar robots from space, Buzz Aldrin depicts the legacy and the future of space exploration.
pg. 24

How to find ET with infrared light
By Jeff R Kuhn, Svetlana V Berdyugina, David Halliday, Caisey Harlingten
The search for other intelligence has revolved around radio signals, but heat signature also could give away its location.
pg. 30

Explore the ultimate planetary nebula catalog
By Michael E. Bakich
The Perek-Kohoutek catalog contains some of the smallest, faintest, and most enigmatic deep-sky treats.
pg. 46

Bringing order to the southern skies
By Brian Jones
Nicolas de Lacailleís most enduring influence lives in constellations like Carina, Fornax, and Telescopium.
pg. 50

What are we learning from Moon rocks?
By Meenakshi Wadhwa
A treasure-trove of samples is providing insight into its origin, mineralogy, and evolution.
pg. 54

Discover our solar systemís hidden wonders
By Michael E. Bakich
Set up your telescope and target martian clouds, Saturnís inner ring, and more.
pg. 58

Vixenís GPD2 mount tested
By Tony Hallas
This accessory features portability and superb craftsmanship.
pg. 62

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