Astronomy November 2012

Astronomy November 2012

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How the solar system came to be
By Richard Talcott
The Sun and its planets likely formed in a nebula containing between 1,000 and 10,000 stars, one of which exploded as a supernova less than 1 light-year away.
pg. 24

When Earth felt cosmic rain
By Liz Kruesi
Some 4 billion years ago, tens of thousands of space rocks slammed into the inner solar system. The Moonís surface holds hints to deciphering what happened in a treacherous 200-million-year stretch.
pg. 30

Did life change Earthís geology?
By Jolyon Ralph
Scientists have discovered that a single episode called the Great Oxygenation Event created the spectacular diversity of minerals we have on Earth.
pg. 44

Why you should care about the Higgs boson!
By Bill Andrews
What the big discovery means to you.
pg. 50

Observe the Leonid meteor shower
By Michael E. Bakich
All eyes will turn to the constellation Leo the Lion on November 17 as bits of comet burn through our skies.
pg. 58

Visting Britainís legendary Patrick Moore
By Stuart Clark
With countless books and a 55-year-old monthly TV program, Sir Patrick Moore is synonymous with the wonders of the cosmos and British eccentricity.
pg. 62

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