Astronomy December 2011

Astronomy December 2011

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Mercury: Planet of fire and ice
By Richard Talcott
The MESSENGER spacecraft reveals Mercury to be a world with unexpected composition, an offset magnetic field, and permanently shadowed craters that may harbor ice.
pg. 28

New clues to the Moon's distant past
By Peter H. Schultz
Two probes uncover a shrinking, water-rich lunar world beset by extreme conditions.
pg. 34

How astronomers make sense of starlight
By Michael E. Bakich
Scientists learn what objects are made of, how hot they are, and even how fast the universe is expanding by analyzing their light.
pg. 48

Wander winter's deep sky
By Michael E. Bakich
Spectacular objects await you this season no matter your telescope's size.
pg. 56

Discover an asteroid!
By Stephen G. Cullen
In these days of professional sky surveys, amateur astronomers can still find minor planets. Here's how one imager uncovered 11.
pg. 62

Visit Southern California's top astronomy sites
By Yvette Cendes
From the discovery that the universe is expanding to building the next-generation Mars rover, Southern California harbors must-see locations for anyone interested in astronomy.
pg. 64

Astronomy tests Tele Vue's new eyepiece line
By Tom Trusock
Delos eyepieces feature generous eye relief, a wide field, and tack-sharp optics.
pg. 68

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