Astronomy December 2010

Astronomy December 2010

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Astronomy magazine's Sky Guide 2011
By Martin Ratcliffe and Richard Talcott
Bright planets, streaking meteors, and total eclipses of the Moon highlight an exceptional observing year.

How stars form
By Liz Kruesi
Stars begin as clouds of cold gas that transform into blazing hot fireballs. Here's what scientists know about the process - and what they're missing.
pg. 26

What's the Sun made of?
By Jim B. Kaler
By analyzing the Sun's light, astronomers are learning about not only our star's makeup, but also the early solar system.
pg. 30

How five doomed missions triumphed in the end
By Richard Talcott
Like the mythic Phoenix, these spacecraft rose from the ashes of near-certain failure.
pg. 44

See the nearest stars
By Michael E. Bakich, Anthony Ayiomamatis
The stars next door are fun to hunt, easy to spot, and can teach you about astrophysics.
pg. 52

PlaneWave's hot new astroimaging scope
By Tony Hallas
The new CDK17 telescope offers thermal stability, ease of use, and killer images.
pg. 56

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