Astronomy September 2010

Astronomy September 2010

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The next great space telescope takes shape
Once it launches, the James Webb telescope will explore distant galaxies, stellar nurseries, and exoplanet atmospheres in detail no ground-based observatory can touch.
By Francis Reddy

Welcome to the Galaxy zoo!
Ordinary people classifying galaxies makes one of the world's most enjoyable citizen science projects also one of the most successful.
By William Keel

Letter to Galileo - How astronomy has changed over the past 400 years
If Galileo could see us now, what would he think about our study of the cosmos?
By Chris Impey

The king of planets reigns in September
With the giant planet bigger and brighter than it's been in more than a decade, let the cry go forth: It's Jupiter time!
By Michael E. Bakich

Astronomy's first annual Star Products
Amateur astronomers take note: You might want to add these 35 products to your holiday wish list.
By Phil Harrington

A night at Granite Gap
Astronomy, geology, history, and much more are converging in a big way in southwestern New Mexico. And amateur astronomers will benefit the most.
By Michael E. Bakich

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