Astronomy January 2010

Astronomy January 2010

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Guide to the sky 2010
Astronomy's 2010 Guide to the Night Sky

What galaxy superclusters tell us about the universe
Astronomers are working to understand the universe's large-scale structures how they formed and how they affect cosmic expansion.
By Bruce Dorminey

What was the Star of Bethlehem?
Astronomy can rule out several candidates for the sight that appeared to the wise men but it can't eliminate them all.
By Michael E. Bakich

How do planetary nebulae form?
Over the past decade, astronomers have cracked the code of planetary nebula shapes. Now we know why these stellar coffins appear in such a variety of intricate styles.
By David J. Eicher

Tour the Fornax Supercluster
Medium- to large-aperture telescopes reveal dozens of galaxies in this small region of sky.
By Richard Jakiel

Target 40 wonderful winter sky treats
The winter sky is loaded with great deep-sky objects. Through your telescope, you can pick them off like ornaments on a celestial tree.

Astronomy tests a hot new spectroscope
You may have seen sunspots and prominences, but have you observed the Sun's spectrum? The Lhires Lite spectroscope makes such observations easy.
By Mike D. Reynolds
By Michael E. Bakich

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