Astronomy December 2009

Astronomy December 2009

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Astronomy magazine's Sky Guide 2010
Bright planets, streaking meteors, and total eclipses of the Sun and Moon highlight an exceptional observing year.
By Martin Ratcliffe and Richard Talcott

Hubble's grand new vistas
Early results from the space telescope's new camera and spectrograph prove there's a lot of life left in the aging observatory.
By Richard Talcott

What can neutrinos tell us about the universe?
Astronomers are studying subatomic particles from supernovae and other energetic phenomena, but such particles are difficult to detect.
By James Trefil and Wanda O’Brien-Trefil

Top 10 winter Milky Way treats
These must-see star clusters and nebulae look their best in this season's crisp air.
By Michael E. Bakich

How to observe comets
Nothing thrills skywatchers like a new comet, especially if it's bright. Follow these tips to be ready for the next one.
By Michael E. Bakich

Celestron revives a classic scope
With the Omni XLT 127, Celestron has made its signature 5-inch scope even better.
By Raymond Shubinski

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