Astronomy June 2009

Astronomy June 2009

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How we could see another universe
Our universe may form one bubble of many in a vast multiverse. Cosmologists are now searching for signs of another bubble universe colliding with ours.
By Steve Nadis

Illustrated: How we see the sky
Astronomers use a concept called the celestial sphere to understand the sky and its motions.
By Richard Talcott; Illustration by Roen Kelly

New technique closes in on dark energy
Astrocombing will revolutionize cosmologists' method of measuring cosmic expansion.
By Ashley Ye

Adam Block's awesome universe
From an Arizona mountaintop, Adam Block introduces amateur astronomers to cutting-edge imaging.
By Tom Polakis

See more of this reknowned astroimager's breathtaking work.
By Liz Kruesi

Explore the Gem of the Milky Way
Summer's Scutum Star Cloud holds numerous observing treats for any size telescope.
By Alan Goldstein

Discover the sky's deepest, darkest secrets
Over three dark nights in southern Arizona, two observers track down dozens of the sky's most exotic objects.
By Michael E. Bakich

In October 2008, I got to spend 3 incredible nights under a pitch-black sky.
By Michael E. Bakich

Orion's low-cost APO delivers sharp images
The new EON refractor is affordable, portable, and well-built.
By Mike D. Reynolds

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