Astronomy February 2009

Astronomy February 2009

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How to make a solar system
Mysterious gaps in dusty disks around other stars may explain the way our solar system looks.
By Adam Frank

Watch as a new planet forms and cuts a gap in the dusty disk of its birth. Understanding the details of this process could help explain the evolution of solar systems.
By Daniel Pendick

Will dark energy tear the universe apart?
Our cosmic fate depends on the biggest unknown in science.
By Liz Kruesi

Ground and space-based future detectors may give astronomers the information they need to determine what dark energy is.
By Liz Kruesi

Understanding the weirdest stellar explosions
Stars swallowing planets - or each other - could explain surprising stellar outbursts.
By Laura Kinoshita

Howard Bond shares his experience capturing V838 Monocerotis.
By Daniel Pendick

Can we win the war against light pollution?
The night sky is getting brighter. Here's how we can reverse the trend.
By Michael E. Bakich

All about M81 and M82
These galactic gems offer a dazzling sight and high-level astrophysics to boot.
By Raymond Shubinski

We share some of our favorite images of these galaxies from our online collection.
By Michael E. Bakich

iOptron's lightweight mount supports on-the-go observing
Put your favorite small scope on the MiniTower, and let it be your celestial guide.
By Tom Trusock

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