Astronomy December 2008

Astronomy December 2008

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Scientists unearth ancient impact's secrets
A giant meteorite struck Earth 1.8 billion years ago, creating Sudbury Basin. What does this event tell us about early Earth?
By Mark Jirsa

How the Sun will die
When Sun-like stars exhaust their fuel, they cast off shells of gas, creating colorful fireworks.
By Bruce Balick

How life could thrive on hostile worlds
Extreme organisms on Earth show us just how weird life elsewhere could be.
By Chris Impey

Astroimaging over ancient Greece
A Mediterranean astrophotographer frames celestial portraits with millennia-old ruins.
By Anthony Ayiomamitis

Meade's LX90-ACF eliminates coma
High portability, easy setup, and high-quality optics make this scope a winner.
By Mark M. Marcotte

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