Astronomy October 2007

Astronomy October 2007

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Supernova 1987A 20 years later
The brightest supernova since the telescope's inventiontaught astronomers a great deal about exploding stars - and points out a lot they still don't know. RICHARD TALCOTT

How the Big Bang forged the first elements
Nuclear reactions in the universe's first minutes made the lightest elements. This find changed scientists' minds about cosmic origins. ADAM FRANK

Family ties reveal asteroid origins
Tracing the history of space rocks uncovers a cluster with a common origin. DANIEL D. DURDA

"Come see the Moon!"
One night, sidewalk astronomer Jeffrey Jacobs offered the Moon. But would skeptical New Yorkers accept the gift? PHIL SCOTT

Illustrated: Mars in high def
The Red Planet explodes with detail under Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter's amazing cameras. RICHARD TALCOTT

Observe autumn's best nebulae
Intricate gas clouds and sparkling stars await you. RICHARD JAKIEL

Astronomy thrives in Texas
Find your astronomical adventure in the Lone Star state. ROBERT REEVES

Sky-testing William Optics' new refractors
Sharp optics in two beautiful packages make these telescopes easy to look at and easier to look through. RAYMOND SHUBINSKI

Experience Meade's new eyepieces
Choosing the right eyepiece is easy with Meade's Series 5000 oculars. MIKE D. REYNOLDS

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