Astronomy September 2007

Astronomy September 2007

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What lurks between galaxies?
An ever-expanding portion of the cosmos contains virtually nothing, but what little there is may tell astronomers how galaxies formed and evolved. BRUCE DORMINEY

Will supernovae shine new light on dark energy
Bob Berman goes behind the scenes at Carnegie Observatories to get the scoop on an unprecedented survey of exploding stars. BOB BERMAN

All about the Dumbbell Nebula
One of the sky's greatest showpieces reveals a snapshot of the solar system's future. RAYMOND SHUBINSKI

Visit your friendly neighborhood observatory
You don't have to travel as far as you might think to get spectacular views through a telescope. LAURA LAYTON

Seeing in the Dark
Timothy Ferris takes on his greatest challenge in film-making: recreating the sights, sounds, and emotions of stargazing. DANIEL PENDICK

Meade's affordable large refractor
The LXD75 AR-6 AT achromat delivers high-quality performance. TOM TRUSOCK

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