Astronomy August 2007

Astronomy August 2007

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Jupiter up close and personal
The New Horizons spacecraft viewed giant storms, erupting volcanoes, ring clumps, and ionized particles as it flew past Jupiter on its way to Pluto. S. ALAN STERN

The ugly side of gravity
Earth's ocean tides, Jupiter's comet-splitting power, and galaxies stripping stars away from neighbors tell the story of gravity's destructive force. C. RENEE JAMES

The Americas' oldest observatory
An archaeological dig became an astronomical investigation when a 4,000-year-old temple in Peru revealed its secrets. ROBERT BENFER AND LARRY ADKINS

Take the Sharpless Catalog challenge
This list of glowing hydrogen clouds provides rewarding targets for eye and camera alike. MICHAEL E. BAKICH

Lighthouse of the skies
The U.S. Naval Observatory has blazed a path between sea and sky since its birth in the mid-19th century. GEOFF CHESTER

Spreading astronomy around the world
The 118-year-old Astronomical Society of the Pacific is on a mission. ANDREW FRAKNOI

Astronomy tests Celestron's CPC 1100 GPS
This 11-inch powerhouse puts thousands of celestial targets within your view. MIKE D. REYNOLDS

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