Astronomy April 2006

Astronomy April 2006

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X-treme stars of the cosmos
Get to know the galaxyís biggest, hottest, and most distant stars. C. RENťE JAMES AND HOWIE MARION

Live fast, die young
Astronomers donít understand massive stars ó rare beasts with short lives but lasting impact. These 10 questions rank among the most baffling. YAŽL NAZť

Meet the neighbors
The nearest stars hide secrets that could help astronomers learn more about our Sunís place in the galaxy. JAMES B. KALER

All about the North Star
Polaris, navigatorsí guiding light, is evolving right before astronomersí eyes. KEN CROSWELL

Explore the Virgo cluster
Challenge yourself and your equipment by targeting some faint but fascinating galaxies. STEVE COE

High Moon
This month, the Moon climbs farther north than at any time since 1987 and offers observers great views. MARTIN RATCLIFFE

Eye on the southern sky
From film to digital imaging, this Chilean amateur astronomer does it all. DANIEL VERSCHATSE

Two scopes in one
Starmasterís new go-anywhere scope is a quick-change artist with two mounting options. VIC WINTER

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