Astronomy August 2005

Astronomy August 2005

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Seeing the dawn of time
Cosmic inflation plugged gaping holes in the Big Bang theory ó and opened up the world of the multiverse. ADAM FRANK

Postcards from Mars
Messages from two lonely rovers show the Red Planet still is wetter, dustier, and more complex than anyone imagined. MICHAEL CARROLL

Before there was light
Astronomers are poised to explore the mysterious cosmic Dark Ages. STEVE NADIS

Jewels on velvet
In southern Ophiuchus, dark nebulae serve as backdrops for many globular clusters. ALAN WHITMAN

Star shower
The yearís best meteor shower, the Perseids, arrives this month. MIKE REYNOLDS

Image like a pro
Producing high-quality astroimages takes practice. Here are some hard-won lessons Iíve learned along the way. BRIAN LULA

Paging through the past
Antique astronomy books are treasures you can collect. MICHAEL E. BAKICH

Secret weapons
Nebula filters cut skyglow and let you see more with less. PHIL HARRINGTON

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