Astronomy September 2003

Astronomy September 2003

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30 years of great stories
Like the universe itself, Astronomy started small but quickly flourished. — Rich Talcott

30 years: looking back
Astronomy’s editor offers a personal reflection on the magazine’s stellar history. — Dave Eicher

30 great astronomical images
Thirty sublime images that changed our view of the cosmos are presented in this photographic retrospective. — Tom Ford

Searching digital skies
The first on-line virtual observatory is getting set to rock ’n’ roll.
— Steve Nadis

Through Andromeda, deeply
Hubble images the deepest view of the cosmos ever.
— Francis Reddy

Camelopardalis and Ursa Minor
Near the North Celestial Pole, the Giraffe and Little Bear are a zoo of galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, and other cosmic creations. — Tom Polakis

Astronomy in paradise
The Yosemite Star Party offers celestial treats in one of Earth’s most beautiful settings. — Robert Naeye

Basic CCD techniques
A leading deep-sky imager shares his secrets of capturing colorful, razor-sharp CCD images of star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies. — Jack B. Newton

Selecting a solar filter
Astronomy tests a battery of filters and summarizes the results. — Rod Pommier

Choosing an eyepiece
Recommendations for a set of eyepieces to last a lifetime.
— Stephen J. Edberg

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