Astronomy December 2002

Astronomy December 2002

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Do You Believe in The Big Bang?
Just one in three Americans believes the universe was created in a cosmic explosion. Here are five reasons why everyone should. — Jim Sweitzer

Dodging an Asteroid
Astronomers have 900 years to avoid the possibility, albeit small, of a kilometer-wide asteroid impact with Earth.
— David L. Chandler

Exposing Saturn’s Secrets
The mysteries of Saturn’s rings exasperated Galileo. This information would’ve lowered his blood pressure. — Alan Rubin

Shadow Play around Jupiter
Take eclipse watching to a new level. For the next year, Jupiter’s four big moons will repeatedly obscure one another.
— Richard Talcott

Sky Show
Saturn puts on its best show in decades, while Geminid meteors streak across the sky. — Martin Ratcliffe and Alister Ling

Celestial Portraits: Auriga
Glittering clusters and vast gas clouds populate the Milky Way in the constellation of the Charioteer. — Tom Polakis

An Eye for Luxury
The 12.5-inch Ritchey-Chrétien scope from RC Optical Systems proves an ideal choice for backyard astroimagers.
— Gregory Terrance

William Lassell — 19th Century Astronomer
Beer brewer William Lassell was the British "Grand Amateur" of the 19th century — an innovative instrument designer, telescope maker, and discoverer of planetary satellites and nebulae.

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