The World’s Greatest Telescopes

The World’s Greatest Telescopes

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Get a clear view of The World’s Greatest Telescopes
Tour the world to see the new generation of telescopes and discover their impact on today’s science in The World’s Greatest Telescopes. Follow 400+ years of history and the technological innovations that have revolutionized our view of the skies.

The World’s Greatest Telescopes
• Worldwide coverage of 50 major telescopes
• Stunning images of and from the telescopes
• How technology continues to revolutionize the telescope
• An overview of the telescope throughout history
• Astronomers plan the next generation of telescopes
• Travel tips for visiting observatories

The blurry images that led to the startling discoveries of Galileo and Kepler set astronomers on a 400-year quest to improve the clarity of telescopic imagery.

Today’s technology now allows astronomers to cast ultra-thin mirrors, combine smaller mirrors into a single large one, and use adaptive optics to remove the effects of atmospheric turbulence. The resulting images are breathtakingly clear and precise.

Plans for telescopes with mirrors more than double the size of current ones point toward an exciting future in cosmic exploration.

Discover the stories behind these vital tools of global astronomy research in The World’s Greatest Telescopes.

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