Simply Stylish Crystal Jewelry

Simply Stylish Crystal Jewelry

From BeadStyle magazine

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This is the must-have resource for beginners who want their jewelry to sparkle! Easy stringing and wirework techniques produce 31 treasured designs from the pages of BeadStyle magazine. An eclectic mix of styles from a wide variety of artisans ensures something for every taste and budget. Using bicones, rondelles, teardrops, stars, leaves, and more, readers will invest minimal time to create fashionable styles with maximum impact.

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Author: From BeadStyle magazine
Softcover; 8 1/4 x 10 3/4; 88 pages; 300 color photos; ISBN: 9780871164452

From the pages of Bead Style magazine
Basic Techniques
Crystals and Glass

Flash flood
Autumn leaves
Colors of the prairie
Glitzy links
String a splash of crystals
Knockout earrings
Stroke of genius
Knotting 101
Delicate balance
A modern take on blue
Lush look
Crystal frame lariat
Vintage vogue
Crystal sand and surf
Krystallos ladder
Crystallize a tourmaline theme
Sophisticated charm
Crystal illusion necklace
Stack of sparkle
Display a cluster of crystals
Get your wires in a row
Finger fireworks
Groovy sparkle
Take a sparkly plunge
Shimmering clusters
Clever crystal coils
Matching bracelets lead a double life
Dazzling drops
Easy wraps, twinkling hoops
A night to shine
Simply sweet

The Simply Stylish line of books are collections of simple to make jewelry that are trendy, current and very wearable from the publishers of Bead Style Magazine. Hopefully there will be several more.
Simply Stylish Crystal Jewelry has a focus on crystals in strung designs, some of them using simple wire techniques. The book collects projects by several designers.
All the basic pieces you need for a jewelry wardrobe, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings are represented. They are easy to make, incorporating basic skills like wrapped loops. Most of the projects can be made in an evening.
Printed in full color, the introduction includes basic techniques, an overview of supplies and tools and a nice little timeline about leaded crystal glass. The projects are shown in step by step photos with text instruction as well. The projects themselves do not include how to do the basics, instead referring you to the techniques section for things like wrapped loops on headpins.

My favorites are:
•Colors of the Prairie by Katie Hacker- It's a necklace with a bracelet variation that uses a channel type circle component for a very trendy "right this minute" donut necklace.
•Krystallos Ladder cuff bracelet by Rachel Nelson-Smith- Easy to make cuff bracelet using wire and crystal beads for lots of sparkle.
•Crystal Illusion Necklace by Teresa Kodatt- a super sparkly necklace that uses a fun stringing technique for illusion cord

The projects in this book are definitely geared towards beginners, but they are also good projects to make for teenagers and as gifts. Many of them are perfect for proms. The colors for most of the projects as shown make them good spring and summer pieces. In more dramatic colors, they would look good in winter as well. The Crystal Illusion necklace for example would look amazing in pearls with red and topaz crystals on a gold, brass or copper chain for winter.
-Shala Kerrigan, BellaOnline

When jewelry designers talk about crystals, they mean faceted glass not materials with orderly patterned arrangements of atoms in their molecules. It's easy to see why we are so one track minded about the crystals we love - they are so pretty! Not to mention affordable too if we compare with the more expensive gemstones like diamonds, rubies and so forth.
We can easily make beautiful jewelry using crystals. If you are a relative beginner and are stuck for ideas, then check out this new book Simply Stylish Crystal Jewelry which I received for review. These 31 projects selected were previously published on Bead Style magazine. There is a range of necklaces, bracelets and rings. All the designs in the book are highly wearable and will appeal to any crystal lover!

Many of the projects require just wire wrapped loop work and the ability to open and close jump rings. Yet, with this basic technique, the beginner is inspired by lovely results - all brought about by the use of different types of crystals, playing with color and placement.
But there are several projects which also introduce other techniques like simple knotting, twisted wire work and the use of components such as blank clasps and Katiedids (by Katie Hacker) to which budding designers can add crystals of their own choice.
One of the more innovative projects I really liked was the crystal illusion necklace. It was created using a knotted zig zag approach.
Most of the wire work covered is not difficult. This pretty wire work bracelet below is perhaps the most challenging project in the entire book. But determined beginners can try it. I would suggest practicing with cheaper wire like copper first.
-Pearl Blay, Beading Gem

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