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What happens when one energetic jewelry-making blogger and 26 talented beaders connect through social media and end up swapping their leftovers? You get a mélange of projects busting with every flavor imaginable. Each designer was given a focal bead, a unique clasp, and coordinating beads, and was charged with creating a recipe for a dynamic piece of jewelry. Sample the distinctive taste of each artist through diverse projects that offer beaders simple techniques, full-color photos, and step-by-step instructions.

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Lori Anderson has led a wildly diverse life that had nothing to do with creativity until she was introduced to beads in 2002. She was a Korean linguist for the U. S. Air Force, a pre-med biology graduate of the University of Virginia, a sales and marketing professional for the high-tech industry during the boom, and now, a wife, mother, and full-time jewelry artist. Her style is as varied and eclectic as the life she’s led.

Chapter 1: The Leftover Bead Method
Bead Soup Soup, by Lori Anderson
Soup of the Day, by Cindy Wimmer
Ladle It Out, by Lori Anderson
Zack's Watercress Soup, by Lori Anderson
Summer Strawberry and Mint Soup, by Brandi Hussey
Soup in the Butterfly Garden, by Lori Anderson
The Key to My Heart is Good Cooking, by Lori Anderson

Chapter 2: The Focal Method
African Peanut Soup, by Lori Anderson
Chilled Blueberry Soup, by Lyn Foley
Vegetable Garden Soup, by Heather Powers
Shiitake Mushroom Soup with Citron and Lavender Sea Salt, by Kerry Bogert
Waiter, There's a Ladybug in My Soup!, by Melissa Meman
Portobello Mushroom and Caramelized Onion Soup, by Erin Prais-Hintz
Stone Soup, by Malin de Koning
Cabin Fever Soup, by Jennifer Cameron
Summer Soup, by Cassie Donlen
Bird's Nest Soup, by Sharon Palac
Handmade Soup Bowls, by Cindy Wimmer

Chapter 3: The Color Palette Method
Blue Crab Soup with Chilies, by Shannon LeVart
Ginger Peach Soup, by Lori Anderson
Twice Cooked, Twice as Good, by Nan Emmet
Fine Dining, by Cindy Wimmer
Roasted Eggplant with Chicken and Leeks Soup, by Jeannie Dukic
Vintage Bean Soup, by Lori Anderson

Chapter 4: The Random Purchase Method
The Silver Soup Spoon, by Lori Anderson
The Golden Consommé of Aquitaine, by Cindy Wimmer
Savory Tomato Soup, by Kerry Bogert
Soup at the Bistro, by Lori Anderson
Fruit Compote, by Stefanie Teufel
Blue Onion Soup, by Libby Leuchtman
Autumn Harvest Soup, by Barbara Lewis
Old Fashioned Oyster Stew, by Diane Cook

About the Author & Contributors
Special Thanks
Bead Soup: What is it?
Well, you don't eat it. However, you do learn from it! Additionally, Bead Soup is, in its own spectacular way, perfectly delicious!
So...You don't learn to be a better cook from it, but you DO learn to be a better designer. It does not matter if you are seven (hello Zack! -- I loved your "Watercress Soup"!), or 70 years of age.
Because of Lori Anderson's brilliance, enthusiasm and heartfelt devotion to people, in general, as well as the lovely pieces she designs as a jewelry artist, she has authored one of the most remarkable book concepts, ever. She has written a completely charming and fun as well as pretty and energizing jewelry design book!
Bead Soup comes in the form of a book of bead soup recipes, concocted by Lori and some of the famous designers of our day. Every design has a Soup related title. One soup necklace title I liked, which I will give you as an example, is "The Golden Consomme' of Aquitaine", by one of Lori's contributors, Cindy Wimmer. The ingredients were contributed from Lori's own stash, but Cindy cooked up the beautiful design. It truly lives up to its name. It shimmers and glistens. It employs the most beautiful golden components, as well as bits of pale green peridot and faceted apatite from Cindy's own "pantry" in the design.
As a fun note, each Soup design is depicted upon a recipe card. It is very clear to understand these and to follow them. The "Utensils" post-it it next to the recipe card for each design adds more realism to this cool idea that the reader is making a recipe! The utensils, of course, are the tools required for that particular soup. Incidentally, if the reader needs to brush up on his or her expertise, there are excellent pages on techniques.
This book really is very easy for a beginner to understand, and for an expert to love.
Bead Soup is clearly photographed and very dimensional. I particularly was drawn to the one of the focal beads of the "Chilled Blueberry Soup" by Lyn Foley of Texas. To view the "ingredients" in a bowl on one page, and then to see the finished design on the following page on the right really helps you choose what you will want to make first. It resolves a lot of confusion which many people have when all they see are finished designs in a book. If you see the beads in a bowl first, no matter what level you are as a designer, you are going to be able to jump over a critically confusing step which is often overlooked by jewelry design books. Namely, the questions, "What is this"? And, "Can I really make it?" With Bead Soup, one look and the reader will be nodding and saying "Yes, I can!"
There are all sorts of designs to sigh over, and YES! You CAN make all of them! "Old Fashioned Oyster Stew" is a fabulous collaboration by Lori and Diane Cooke of Texas. You get a bonus recipe for earrings to match with this charming, gentle-colored Cameo double strand necklace. It is yummy and incredibly pretty.
Want to get a bit wild, yet still be confident you can't lose, with these clear and easy recipes? Try the gloriously colored "Summer Soup" by Cassie Donlen who used bead soup components from Libby Leuctman. The major colors are aquas and pinks with some peach. It is absolutely wonderful!
This is a watershed book. I haven't used that term for a while, but this beautiful book, which is clear and easy to understand, and which will incite the reader's enthusiasm for creating beautiful jewelry designs, is something totally new on the scene. I do not mean by that that it is "arty" or offbeat. Rather, what I am trying to convey is the importance of having this book in your jewelry design library in order to expand your understanding of how to create and design from different points of view. The contributors to this book came from 11 states and 5 countries. As Bead Soup Parties run by Lori continue to grow in their popularity, we note that the most recent party included 5 Continents, 21 countries, and 302 participants.
That is why I call this a watershed book. To use the Internet as a way of uniting people in their love of making beauty in such a massive manner is quite amazing.
I have participated three times in Bead Soup Blog Parties. Each time I loved everything about them.
I also love everything about Lori Anderson. Have you ever heard the words beautiful person? Lori is one! She is a true artist and an beautiful person. What a great gift she has given us with this book!
To sum up:
Lori's talent cannot be denied and her amazing book, Bead Soup, is a treasure. Check out the book for how to be a Bead Soup participant and learn even more. You will realize that if you have been designing in one way or style for a few years, it's time to taste some new "recipes" for other types of beautiful jewelry. You will not be disappointed!

FYI: The chapters go as follows:
Chapter 1: The Leftover Bead Method
Chapter 2: The Focal Method
Chapter 3: The Color Palette Method
Chapter 4: Random Purchase Method

As well as an introduction and a mindblowing Gallery, you learn about the author and the contributors, and you get the basics, the resources, and a Special Thanks section.
GREAT BOOK! Don't wait on this one! It's time for Soup right now!
-Jean Yates

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