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An array of 20 leading designers have contributed ideas, tips, and innovative techniques for adding color to silver, bronze, and copper clay jewelry. Metal Clay & Color gathers the work of 20 top designers who are adding color to their metal jewelry creations by using polymer clay, ceramics, resin, colorful patinas, fireable gemstones, seed beads, and more. 25 innovative projects offer plenty of inspiration, a compelling variety of styles, and professional, step-by-step instructions and photos for rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings. Advanced-beginner and intermediate jewelry makers will learn novel ways to add color to metal clay from these top designers.

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Top designers:
Janet Alexander
Lorena Angulo
Lorrene Baum-Davis
Maggie Bergman
Pat Bolgar
Susan Breen Silvy
Barbara Briggs
Sandra Butchko
Catherine Davies Paetz
Pam East
Joy Funnell
Vickie Hallmark
Hadar Jacobson
Patricia Kimle
Irina Miech
Kim Otterbein
Cindy Pankopf
Cindy Silas
Jewelyn Vanoni
Michela Verani
Foreword by Celie Fago

Easy keum-boo...Lorrene Baum-Davis
Full-spectrum impact...Susan Breen Silvy
Filled frame beads...Patricia Kimle
Metal leaf magic...Sandra Butchko
Two clays, two peas...Susan Breen Silvy
Flor earrings...Lorena Angulo
Golden arrows...Janet Alexander
Mi corazon...Lorena Angulo
Mokume gane daisy...Hadar Jacobson
Polymer petals...Pat Bolgar
Luminosity...Joy Funnell
Prairie blossom...Barbara Briggs
Fantasy flower...Irina Miech
Pushing polymer...Cindy Silas
Beaded leaf...Michela Verani
Textured feathers...Maggie Bergman
Brilliant fibula...Catherine Davies Paetz
Medusa's garden...Jewelyn Vanoni
Window to the garden...Cindy Pankopf
Hinged gems...Kim Otterbein
Resin window...Vickie Hallmark
Enamel illusions...Cindy Silas
Enameled riverbed...Pam East
Legends rings...Lorrene Baum-Davis

About the contributors
Sources and resources
Discover the techniques behind designing colorful metal jewelry with Metal Clay & Color: Inventive Techniques from 20 Jewelry Designers, a jewelry book compiled by Mary Wohlgemuth. Each designer provides their own works and breaks down their processes to make sure that people from multiple skill levels can attempt to create these beautiful pieces. The easy step-by-step tutorials alongside the inspiring mastery demonstrates how important it is to match your designs with the right materials.
The beauty of Metal Clay & Color not only comes from the amazing pieces included, but also the ways in which the tutorials are presented. Wohlegemuth organizes the projects according to their difficulty, which helps guide jewelry makers of all skill levels to works within their abilities. Each individual project contains both written and image instructions to demonstrate the steps from start to finish. Adding on to this, each of the designers introduces their projects with their own insights and color choices to give readers a true understanding of what each piece represents.
Though it's hard to choose between such incredible creations, I have to say my personal favorite project in Metal Clay & Color was the Resin Window ring. It shows how a non-jewel material can create a beautiful effect when filled in over a lovely engraving. It's a must-see project and a great introduction to using unique materials!
If you have your own personal inspiration that you would like to show off through your jewelry, I highly recommend Metal Clay & Color. Every piece in this book shows individuality, and the book encourages designers at all skill levels to try their hands at making their own ideas come to life. Buy this book for detailed instructions towards creating your own stunning jewelry with the incredibly versatile metal clay., Kathryn Wright

I’m always on the lookout for new books on jewelry design, especially metal clay. There are lots of books that are good for beginners but few, in my opinion, that can engage an experienced metal clay artist. One of my most recent acquisitions is Metal Clay and Color: Inventive Techniques from 20 Jewelry Designers compiled by Mary Wohlgemuth from Kalmbach Books. This book is filled with well known designers…. Janet Alexander, Lorena Angulo, Lorrene Baum-Davis, Maggie Bergman, Pat Bolgar, Susan Breen Silvy, Barbara Briggs, Sandra Butchko, Catherine Davies Paetz, Pam East, Joy Funnell, Vickie Hallmark, Hadar Jacobson, Patircia Kimle, Irina Miech, Kim Otterbein, Cindy Pankopf, Cindy Silas, Jewelyn Vanoni, and Michela Verani….with a forward by Celie Fago. That list of artists alone should be the reason to get this book.
Most metal clay books devote a major portion of the pages to teaching the basic techniques…which is good for a beginner but a waste of time for those of us who have been working in clay for a while. Metal Clay and Color starts the projects on page 10 and they don’t end until page 108. Techniques include metal clay combined with keum-boo, dye oxides, polymer clay, resin, ceramics, Gilder’s paste, alcohol inks, mokume gane, enamel, beading, colored sand, cement, gemstones and glass….and I probably left out a few. I found myself pouring over the pages.
Each project starts with a section on the the source of the color and the tools/supplies you need to create the project. The artists also give their special tips, tricks, and templates for their projects. Plus you get an inside look at how these artists do what they do. Have you even wondered how Barbara Briggs makes her beads, or Cathy Davies Paetz does her enameling, or the techniques Pat Bolger uses for her polymer…you get to see the process in this book. It is filled with pictures to walk you through the techniques.
I think this has become my favorite book right now and as soon as my art shows are done for the year I am going to play with some of these projects. My dilemma is choosing one.
-Metal Clay Magic, Gail Lunnum

I so love colour and I love the new metal clays - so this is a book I found very fascinating. 20 top designers offer ideas and tips for adding colour to silver, bronze and copper clay jewellery. The methods of adding colour explored in this book are ceramics, enamel, polymer clay, gemstones, coloured pencils and beads. This book showcases some fine work and also has a foreword on colour from Celie Fago. Find out how to add a gold lustre that imitates high carat gold. Dye oxides can offer intense colour, alcohol inks could also be used. The Polymer Petals designed by Pat Bolgar is exquisite. The examples of high end work give you lots of inspiration and something to aspire to.
-Karen Platt,

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