The Big Book of Beading Patterns

The Big Book of Beading Patterns

From Bead&Button magazine

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The best of Bead&Button’s patterns are showcased in this exciting compilation. Featuring peyote stitch, brick stitch, square stitch, and loomwork patterns, the sheer variety of these projects will satisfy your creative craving.

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Author: From Bead&Button magazine
Softcover; 8 1/4 x 10 3/4; 144 pages; 20 color photos; 200 illustrations; ISBN: 9780871164247

From Bead&Button magazine.

Animal Patterns
Butterfly bracelet
White horses
Butterfly wall hanging
Bluebirds of happiness
Egyptian beetle

Geometric and Abstract Patterns
Hearts and more hearts
Peyote pendants
Art Deco inspiration
Victorian wave
Frank Lloyd Wright motif
Interlocking stars
Geometric pinwheel
Hearts and diamonds
Greek key design
Stained glass
Lovely and linear
Colored blocks
Alaskan tapestry
Scottish tartan
Neon diamonds
Celtic motifs
Folk hearts
African mudcloth

Holiday Patterns
Kiss and tell
Bunny party
Wild hares
Star-spangled links
Uncle Sam
American sweetheart
A good witch
Trick or treat
Mr. and Mrs. Bones
Santas repeat
Rosy-cheeked Santa
Holiday necklace
Santa and reindeer
Candy canes
Santa face

Mythological Creature Patterns
Fairy with flower
Garden fairy
Angels and devils

Plant, Flower, and Landscape Patterns
The great outdoors
Spring flowers
Daisies and roses
Autumn afternoon
Out West
Rose barette
Pocket of posies
Summer gardens
Bouquet earrings
Flower garden bag
Flowers vases
Cherokee rose
Daisy band

Miscellaneous Patterns
Gauguin paintings
Circus clowns
Mona Lisa
Southwestern motif
Alphabet pendants
House amulet
Beaded wristwatches
Caribbean cruise
Piano keys
Puzzle pieces
Sci-fi filmstrip
Manhattan skyline
Photo frame pendant
Red hat
Burning candle

Bonus projects
Victorian spirit

The Big Book of Beading Patterns from the publishers of Bead and Button magazine just showed up in my mailbox yesterday from Kalmbach. The book is literally what the title says....beading patterns. The patterns for the most part aren't completed projects as much as graphed images to use in your beading.
The book starts with a Basics section that is six pages long and contains a brief description of knots, adding thread, several off loom stitching techniques, loomwork, finishing techniques, and how to read the patterns.
The patterns are organized into subject matter which includes: Animals, Geometric and Abstract, Holiday, Mythological Creatures, Plant Flower and Landscape, Miscellaneous, and a Bonus section with 2 patterns.
If I was a beadweaver, I would love this book because it has something for everyone. There are simple patterns and ones that look (to me, the non-beadweaver) complicated. However, an important bit of information before you run out an buy this book....the patterns have already been published in Bead and Button. So, if you subscribe to that magazine, you may already have all these patterns in your collection. If you are a new beadweaver or don't get Bead and Button, you will probably love this book.
-Jennifer Cameron, Glass Addictions

From the editors of Bead and Button, this book collects 102 patterns.
The introduction illustrates the seed bead stitches the patterns use. Then it goes into the patterns.
The patterns are printed large enough and in full color to be very easy to read. They are diverse, ranging from bold graphic styles to delicately shaded animals. There is something for every pattern collector in this book I think. Pendants, amulet bags, bracelets and earrings patterns, as well as an intricate pattern for a light shade.
The chapters separate the patterns by style instead of by technique or type. The first chapter is Animals which includes insects, birds, lizards and mammals. It starts with an elegant, stylized spider in square stitch, and also has hummingbirds, pandas, butterflies and beetles.
The next chapter, Geometric and Abstract Designs is probably my personal favorite. Patterns inspired by textiles, architecture and pop art have lots of bold color and work very well for all sorts of settings.
Holiday patterns include sweet designs for Valentines, fun designs for Easter, some great patriotic designs for the 4th of July and Memorial Day, as well as a couple Halloween patterns and a whole bunch of Christmas patterns.
Mythological patterns has fairies, a mermaid, a gryphon, a unicorn and a nicely done stylized devil and angel kaleidescope amulet bag pattern.
Plants, Flowers and Landscape patterns has several styles, impressionistic, stylized, and realistic patterns for flowers and scenery.
Miscellaneous Patterns is a catch-all for all the rest. A lovely pendant frame for a photograph, buildings, paintings and other nice and contemporary patterns in this chapter.
The final chapter is the one I referred to above, a gorgeous, intricate loomed light shade/lantern. The frame needs to be order for the piece, it's a big, impressive piece of beadwork. The light shines through the beads and the stylized natured inspired pattern is classic, each side of the shade representing a season. Fall leaves, summer sun and dimensional accents made with beads.
It's a lovely book with lots of great patterns.
-Shala Kerrigan, BellaOnline

Are you a bead work fan? The new book I received from Kalmbach Publishing contains some 130 beading patterns is sure to inspire.
The Big Book of Beading Patterns: For Peyote Stitch, Square Stitch, Brick Stitch, and Loomwork Designs are a compilation of the best patterns from Bead & Button magazine.
There were two things I particularly liked about the book. Firstly, the patterns are large and easy to follow. No more squinting! The book is also themed based. The major sections include animals, holiday, geometric and abstract patterns, mythological creatures and nature inspired themes.
There were different suggestions on how to finish off bracelets - button and loop enclosures as well as metallic clasps. However, I particularly enjoyed seeing Ellen Freidenberg's delightful beaded wrist watches which you get to "permanently set your favorite time of day." The beaded section and suede sandwich a brass bangle.
Some of the projects I also liked included a beaded pendant which enclosed a photograph as well as square beaded picture earrings.
The most outstanding project is the beaded panel lantern by Naomi Sakuma - a masterpiece to showcase!
The patterns are on the whole fun and lively and aren't necessarily restricted to jewelry. I don't have a bead loom and this book makes me hanker for one even more in order to make purse or bag accents.

Spiders and a Cockatoo. Folk art. The Great Outdoors. Fairies and Flowers. African, Art Deco and Greek. Seasonal images and the Alphabet, and MORE. Wow. This is a BIG book of beading patterns! A multitude of creative designers share something for almost everyone in this book full of designs for those who enjoy creating art with stitched beads. Instructions on basic techniques are included and then the pages overflow with full color photos of finished pieces and full color patterns for the reader to work with. Bracelets, earrings, pendants, bags, wall hangings – creativity galore. After much indecision, I decided I think my favorite is this fun “Caribbean Cruise” pattern inspired by Rita Grossberg and Julie Glasser, a mother-daughter beading team, after a cruise to Curacao. It truly did remind me of our family’s trip to this beautiful tropical paradise!
-When Creativity Knocks


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