The Venetian Glass Bead

The Venetian Glass Bead

Kathy Fox

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Learn how to make 24 jewelry projects with Venetian glass beads, and learn the history and tradition behind the generations-old art form as well. Made by the finest bead makers in Venice and Murano, bead styles include millefiori, foil, Klimt, Miro, and more. Author and designer Kathy Fox expertly educates readers about the beads while showcasing them in gorgeous jewelry projects. Techniques include wire wrapping, bead crochet, knotting, stringing, and simple stitching.

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Author: Kathy Fox
Softcover; 8 1/4 x 10 3/4; 112 pages; 350 color photos; ISBN: 9780871164155

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Kathy began her professional career with Eastman Kodak Company as a sales account executive. After working with Kodak for almost 10 years she retired from corporate life to stay home and raise her two children, Allison and Andrew. When her youngest was in school full time, she wanted to pursue a career that would give her the flexibility to be there for her children and in 2002, Kathy and her husband David opened The Place to Bead in Naperville Illinois, the first full service bead store in the area. During her search for unique and eye-catching beads for the store, Kathy developed a passion for Venetian beads, their history, and the Venetian culture. In 2004, Kathy and her husband expanded the business with the addition of Bella Venetian Beads and are now the largest importers of genuine Venetian beads in the country.
History of Venezia
Glassmaking Industry
History of Trade Beads
Making of Venetian Glass Beads

Chapter 1
Traditional Venetian Glass Beads
Bella Vita Necklace & Earrings
Madonna dell’Orto Rosary
Giovanni Leather Necklace
Art Nouveau Coil Bracelet

Chapter 2
Popular Modern Day Venetian Glass Beads
Cipriani Bracelet & Earrings
Venetian Foil Beads
Ca’d’Oro Necklace & Earrings
Midnight Skies Necklace & Earrings
Danieli Necklace & Earrings
Lucia Wrap Bracelet
Vivaldi Ring
Rezzonico Necklace & Earrings
Golden Mosaic Necklace & Earrings
Missoni, Miro, and Klimt
Acqua Alta Necklace & Earrings
How to Spot Imitations

Chapter 3
Designing with Venetian Glass Beads
Jewels of Venice Knotted Foil Lentil Necklace
Nero Bianco Crocheted Necklace
Farfalla Viking Knit Bracelet
Designing with Venetian Beads on a Budget
Enchanted Life Necklace
Vicenza Splendor Necklace

Chapter 4
Travels to Venice
Piazza San Marco
Torre dell’Orologio
Steampunk Torre dell’Orologio
Palazzo Ducale
Campanile di San Marco
Casanova Necklace & Earrings
Basillica di San Marco
San Marco Necklace & Earrings
La Fenice Opera House
La Fenice Necklace & Earrings
Salvation Bracelet
Mediterranean Necklace & Earrings

About the Author
The Venetian Glass Bead by Kathy Fox is a themed project book. The projects are all built around those gorgeous little bits of glass art from Venice.
This is part reference book and part project book. It is a treat for people who want to know a little more about Venetian glass and wonderful for beginning beaders who want to do trendy boutique style pieces.
The introduction includes some history of Venice with gorgeous color photos, as well as information about how the beads are made using old traditional methods. There is also a short bibliography of suggested books for more in depth information.
Then into the projects, which are well explained. The pieces use the bright colors and finishes of the beads as the focus. For the most part, they are trendy fashion pieces that would make wonderful gifts. Interspersed with the projects are more photographs of Venice with more information about the region.
It starts with patterned which are made using canes. The photographs show the lovely beads well. A lovely rosary is the second project with colorful milleflori beads.
Giovanni is a leather cord necklace that is masculine enough to make a wonderful gift for a young man in your life.
The various projects use techniques like stringing, wire coiling, wire wrapping, wire work, Viking knit, using head pins and making wrap bracelets with leather cording and button clasps.
There is information about the various kinds of Venetian glass included with the projects. You will learn about foiling, millefori, chevrons and many more glass styles.
My favorite projects are the elegantly luminous La Fenice necklace and earrings which use filigrana beads, the Farfalla Viking Knit bracelet with a foiled disk focal, and the very colorful Rezzonico necklace which is made with gemmato beads.
I love the Lucia wrap bracelet as a project that I can do with my daughter.
I love the photographs of Venice. My husband has been there, and it's a place that I've always wanted to visit.
-Shala Kerrigan, BellaOnline

The Venetian Glass Bead by Kathy Fox is more than just a beading book. It is a short history lesson about glass beads, trade beads as currency, Venice, and Murano. It is also part travel book where Fox shares tidbits about traveling in Venice, including how to get from the airport to where you are staying, some highlights of Venice, places to eat, and also a couple outlying towns worth a visit.
In addition to all that, Fox includes a section about how the beads are made, what materials are used, and also a little information about how to spot fakes. One of my favorite parts of the book is the very beginning when she talks about her first time at a bead store while visiting an out of town family member. The woman is a dynamo! The next day she sets up a meeting with the bead store owner to discuss how to open her own bead store. She goes for it and in a very short amount of time is buying the Venetian bead import business from another couple and traveling to Venice. After reading this book, I am ready to book a flight to Venice myself!
Oh yeah, and there are more than 20 beading projects too. The majority of these projects are fairly simple stringing and wire working projects (making a wrapped loop) that any beginner could make. Also included is a Viking Knit project and the steps are included on how to do it. Also included is a project that teaches you how to crochet with wire. The main focus is on the beads so the designs are kept fairly simple to allow the beads to be the stars. Fox even includes ideas for how to stretch your beading dollars and still include Venetian glass beads.
I would like to take a moment to point out that you do not HAVE to use Venetian glass beads in order to recreate these designs. In fact, you could very easily swap them out for lampwork beads made in the United States using the same Italian glass but with very different design aesthetic by a certain lampworker who happens to be writing this review…
I really enjoyed reading the book for all the historical and travel information and loved the theme. I probably would not have bought it if it just had the beading projects simply because most of them are not the style I tend to work in. However, I did enjoy the opportunity to learn more about these little gems and their place in history and the present day.
-Jen Cameron, Glass Addictions

Millefiori, Foil, Klimt, Miro - these are just a few of the colorful Venetian glass bead styles taking center stage in Kathy Fox's book, The Venetian Glass Bead.
The Venetian Glass Bead contains 24 jewelry projects. Stringing, wire wrapping, bead crochet, knotting and simple stitching highlight the nuances between the many different styles of genuine Venetian glass beads.
As the owner of Bella Venetian Beads, Fox has made many trips to bead makers in Venice and Murano. Respected for her expertise, Fox has been a featured speaker at the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers.
Readers join Fox on a whirlwind trip to Venice and Murano, and immerse themselves in culture as they learn about the cities' centuries-old bead-making traditions. From tiny conterie (seed beads) to bold and bright exposed gold lentils, The Venetian Glass Bead is full of Venetian glass beads.
Striking designs motivate readers to experiment with size, color and shape in their handcrafted jewelry. Fox also shares the rich history and tradition behind this old-world art form, and provides useful tips for identifying authentic Venetian and Murano beads, guiding readers to informed buying decisions.
Readers are able to:
-Choose from 24 beautifully designed projects that feature easy beading techniques including stringing, wire wrapping, bead crochet, and knotting - created to showcase luscious Venetian glass beads.
-Learn about Italian glass makers and the attributes of genuine Venetian glass beads.
-Pour over Fox's vacation photos of historic landmarks - then try their hands at the projects inspired by these remarkable places.
Fully detailed and beautifully photographed, the step-by-step instructions for 24 up-to-date jewelry projects in The Venetian Glass Bead entice readers into becoming Venetian glass bead artists. Readers get the best of both worlds - beautifully designed projects and useful information about these vibrant works of art - perfect for all beginners who love color and pattern.

Kathy Fox is the owner of Bella Venetian Beads, and therefore is the perfect person to write the book The Venetian Glass Bead for Kalmbach Publishing. She has made many trips to visit and buy from bead makers in Venice and on Murano, and you can feel her passion in this book as she shares the history and tradition behind this art form. Besides being a project book, Kathy's book covers the history of Venice and how glass making fit in, and she pays special attention to the unique qualities of Venetian glass beads.
As you look through the projects, you are introduced to many different styles of Venetian beads by name. This includes information on how they are formed and tips for spotting good ones and knowing when you're holding real ones! Yes, unfortunately, even the Italian market is full of fakes and imports, but you won't have to worry once you familiarize yourself with the real thing.
Most of the projects are not particularly challenging; instead, they are designed to showcase the beauty of these special beads. Therefore, it's a great book for beginners who want some really nice basic design ideas. Some of Kathy's designs make lavish use of Venetian beads, but she also includes plenty for the budget-conscious beader. One particularly cool (and more challenging) project is a bracelet that features Viking knit. Now that is a technique you don't find in every beading book!

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