The Absolute Beginners Guide: Stitching Beaded Jewelry

The Absolute Beginners Guide: Stitching Beaded Jewelry

Lesley Weiss

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This introduction to bead stitching will help novices get started with success by anticipating a beginner’s questions and starting with the most fundamental lessons of the craft. The projects introduce basic stitches starting with the easiest, such as crossweave and right-angle weave, and moving on to other popular techniques.

• The basics of bead stitching are thoroughly covered

• Progresses from easy to gradually more challenging techniques

• Author’s coaching style encourages the reader throughout

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Author: Lesley Weiss
Softcover; 8 1/4 x 10 3/4; 96 pages; 210 color photos; ISBN: 9780871164124

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Lesley Weiss has been beading since 2003. She is a former associate editor for Bead&Button magazine and has an expert understanding of the construction of bead stitches and their infinite variations. Lesley loves how stitching with beads engages her analytical, puzzle-solving skills and indulges her creative side at the same time.


Project 1 - Crossweave necklace with pendant
Project 2 - Layered crossweave bracelet
Project 3 - Beaded-bead earrings
Project 4 - Square stitch pendant
Project 5 - Dainty square stitch rings
Project 6 - Right-angle weave basic band
Project 7 - Graduated collar
Project 8 - Daisy chain necklace
Project 9 - Big daisy ring
Project 10 - Ladder stitch earrings
Project 11 - Striped herringbone bracelet
Project 12 - Tubular herringbone necklace
Project 13 - Twisted tubular herringbone bangle
Project 14 - Brick stitch earrings
Project 15 - Brick stitch bracelet
Project 16 - Circular brick stitch pendant
Project 17 - Spiral rope bracelet
Project 18 - Flat spiral bracelet
Project 19 - Double spiral rope necklace
Project 20 - Netted cuff bracelet
Project 21 - Tubular netted necklace
Project 22 - Basic peyote stitch bracelet
Project 23 - Odd-count peyote bracelet
Project 24 - Tubular peyote stitch necklace
Project 25 - Peyote stitch bezel
Project 26 - St. Petersburg chain necklace
Project 27 - Double St. Petersburg chain bracelets

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About the author
Beads can be the first ingredient in something truly special. "Stitching Beaded Jewelry" is a guide for the beginner who doesn't even know where to get started. Covering numerous techniques for getting started with bead design. With plenty of diagrams and full color photos throughout the guide, Lesley Weiss arms readers with everything they need to get started to create beautiful bead jewelry. "Stitching Beaded Jewelry" is a fine addition to any crafts or hobbyist collection.
-The Midwest Book Review

Stitching Beaded Jewelry is one of the newest books in the The Absolute Beginners Guide series. Written by Lesley Weiss, the book is written for people just getting interested in seed bead jewelry making.
The emphasis of the book is off loom seed bead weaving techniques. It starts with an introduction that explains the basics of seed beads. The shapes and sizes, the sorts of seed beads you can get. One of my favorite things in this section is a photograph of a watercolor dish that has 1 gram each of different sorts of seed beads so you can see how much is actually in a gram. That's followed up with pages on bigger accent beads, findings,threads and tools. The rest of the basics section is information on how start your projects. How to measure your project length, thread your needle, how much thread to use and what various beading terms mean as well how to tie knots.
Then you get into the stitches. The steps are very well explain in the text with photos to illustrate. The projects are simple wearable pieces that are geared towards beginners to get them acquainted with the stitches. Stitches like right angle weave have a few projects so a beader just starting out can get a better idea of how different bead sizes and types can affect a finished look.
The stitches covered in this book are right angle weave, ladders, brick stitch, square stitch, herringbone, peyote and St. Petersburg chain. It also has some variations like circular brick stitch which is one of my favorite stitches.
This is a book that I can recommend easily to people who want to learn the basic techniques of seed bead work, or to people who have friends who want to learn. I can see using this with my best friend to help her learn how to work with seed beads., Shala Kerrigan

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