Your Seed Bead Style

Your Seed Bead Style

From Bead&Button magazine

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Variety is the name of the game in Your Seed Bead Style! The 31 projects in this book show you how to incorporate interesting materials into your basic seed bead jewelry. Your Seed Bead Style is organized by material, and features a variety of techniques and stitches including peyote, herringbone, square stitch, bead embroidery, tatting, right-angle weave, and more. Dynamic compilation from the editors of Bead&Button magazine.

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Author: From Bead&Button magazine
Softcover; 8 1/4 x 10 3/4; 88 pages; 184 color photos; ISBN: 9780871162847

From the editors of Bead&Button magazine.
Introduction 4
Basics 5
Tools & Materials 9

Crystal circles 12
Stitch and string crystals and seed beads to make a glamorous necklace
Sumptuous but simple 15
Deep, lustrous colors pair with sparkling dangles in this embellished peyote stitch necklace
Tile trio 18
Bezeled glass tiles make fabulous focal pieces in a square stitch bracelet
Herringbone with a twist 21
Add a centerpiece of sparkling crystals to this choker
Staggered by daggers 24
Colorful hanks of dagger beads inspire an easy, embellished, square-stitch bracelet
Russian snake stitch 26
Japanese cylinder beads frame round crystals or fire-polished beads in a serpentine chain

Beachcomber’s bracelet 30
Embellish a peyote band with a bounty of seaside treasures
Ease into elegance 32
Weave a sophisticated necklace using peyote and pearls
Ocean cascade 35
An easy herringbone rope supports a fringe of pearls and shells
Pearl orbit 38
Combine tubular peyote stitch and tubular herringbone for an opulent wrist adornment
Gothic chevron necklace 42
Pearls point the way in an elegant collar
Spiralling pearls 44
Combine freshwater pearls, fire-polished beads, and seed beads for a fashionable necklace
Apple blossoms 46
Weave a pearl-embellished bracelet using multiple techniques

Heavy metal 50
Create substantial links with metal seed beads, then connect them with jump rings
Web of silver 52
Highlight a silver focal bead and colorful captured gemstones
Edge strategy 54
Cylinder beads anchor jump rings to a narrow band
Make the connection 56
Decorative metal links take a flat peyote band to a higher level
Hardware embellishment 58
A sturdy chain of free-form peyote gets a tough-as-nails look with hardware dangles

Open windows 62
Stragtegically placed openings frame gemstone coins
Picture perfect 64
Create embroidered cuffs for expressive cabs
Lemon twist 67
Marcasite and gemstone beads spice up a spiral rope
Gemstones in herringbone components 70
Twisted tubular herringbone spikes complement the natural color of these gemstone nuggets
Graceful companions 72
Combine herringbone stitch and right-angle weave to showcase gemstone rondelles

Flowers and lace 76
Simple strands of seed beads combined with frothy WireLace create an ultrafeminine display
All wrapped up 79
A beaded tube enhances a long scarf
Let’s twist again 82
Add texture and dimension with a visible thread base
Loops & lace 84
Learn traditional tatting for a sparkling necklace that brings together the best of fibers and beads

Contributors 87
Occasionally, I receive advance copies of jewelry-design books, in return for working with the publisher to create my own review. Today, I received Your Seed Bead Style Accents, Embellishments, Adornments from the publisher of Bead&Button magazine.
I must admit to all readers, seed beads are not my specialty; I like the big, bold gemstones and don't have the interest in stitching beads into designs. However, there are times when I use them, and I love to pick up new ways to make creative, one of a kind stitched alternates to findings, such as toggles and bales for pendants.
One of the things I do love about these publications is they contain designs and instructions from several sources, not just 1 or 2 designers. So you get a great cross-section of examples from many great beaders. The most amazing piece in here is a true work of art! Yes you can wear it, and I definitely would, but it is contest and jury-worthy. If you have any interest in creating gorgeous designs, freehand, with seed beads, this one tutorial is worth the entire book. I would wear this proudly, whether I made it or purchased it!
There is an example of how to make your own pendant bale, and this really great way to enhance a stone and create a pendant. It's lovely.
So, don't miss this book, regardless of what type of beading you generally do. There are combinations of crystals and pearls with seed bead accents.
The great things about seed beads, even if they are not my forte or medium of choice, is their versatility. Check out the Beachcomber bracelet designs. I really like the contrast between the 2 designs just based on color; sometimes it's not easy to see the change....this is great example of how simply changing the color schema creates a totally different piece!
-Teri Baskett

Kalmbach Publishing who produce Bead and Button magazine just sent me this exciting new bead work how-to book called Your Seed Bead Style. I was impressed with the top-notch quality of the projects as well as the sheer number of them (27) for a book that's priced just $17.95. So doing the math, that's less than 70 cents per project. Definitely worth it if you are bead work artisan at heart.
The instructions are much the same as in the Bead and Button magazines - text as well as smaller step diagrams or thumbnails.
I also liked the care taken in choosing projects which ranged from beginner to advanced. Several different types of stitches were used such as peyote, herringbone, square stitch, bead embroidery, tatting, right-angle weave and bead crochet.
Did I like all the designs? No, but I liked the vast majority of them. Many of them got me itching to try them out. There was something for everyone - ornate and simple styles.
Sure there were plenty of the inspirational ones like the cabochon beaded cuff and a few which weren't really innovative. However, what was cool were the projects which went beyond the traditional bead work designs. My favorites were :
•Free form peyote bracelet with hardware dangles
•Scarf embellishment which consisted of a really pretty beaded tube which carried part of a scarf
•A couple of chain maille meets bead work bracelets
•Wire mesh with bead and lamp work necklace
•Beaded needle tatted necklace (below) - the designer gave lots of useful tips

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