Inspired Wire

Inspired Wire

Cynthia Wuller

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Watch your skill level increase as the chapters do! Begin with chapter 1 and gain intermediate skills by the end of the book or start with intermediate skills and learn new techniques and perfect your understanding of wirework.

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Author: Cynthia Wuller
Softcover; 8 1/4 x 10 3/4; 112 pages; 400 color photos; ISBN: 9780871162564

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Cynthia B. Wuller’s love of enchanting stories is her inspiration to create jewelry reflecting those fanciful ideals. The urge to learn and create is a daily quest, arising from her formal education, a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Her focus on cold-connection wire jewelry lies in its simplicity: pieces can be made (relatively) quickly at home with few tools, supplies, and mess.

“When designing jewelry, much of my inspiration comes from the women in fairy and folk tales and mythology,” says Cynthia. “These stories have always entertained me, and making inspired pieces is a way to bring much loved characters to life. I also create pieces to test techniques that are new to me, and design things that I want to wear.”

Cynthia is a contributor to Art Jewelry and BeadStyle magazines. Her work can also be found in a number of books such as Easy Beading Volume 4, The Art of Jewelry: Paper Jewelry, The Art of Jewelry: Wood, and Beading with Pearls. She lives in Chicago with her husband.
Introduction 6
Tools 8

Chapter 1
The Basics 14
Marking roundnose pliers 16
Straightening a loop 16
Quick measurement guide 17
Hammering 18
Twisting wire in a vise 19
Jump rings 20
S-link 21
Bead link 22
Headpin 22
Wrapped loop 23
Wrapped loop bead link 24
Wrapped loop headpin 25
Eye, hook, and toggle clasps 26
Ear hooks 29
Wrapped loop ear hooks 30
Wrapping a bead between a double wire and on a single wire 30

Chapter 2
Using the Basics 32
Single drop pearl earrings 34
Bead link earrings 35
Dangling pearl necklace 36
Cluster earrings 37
Button pearl necklace 38
Tassel lariat 39
Garnet and gold necklace 40
Bubbly bracelet 42
Y necklace 44

Chapter 3
Using a Jig 46
How to use a jig 48
Gold swirl necklace 50
Dangle loop earrings 51
Turquoise link bracelet 52
Daisy chain necklace 54
Medallion earrings 56
Wire basket necklace 58
Caged heart bracelet 60

Chapter 4
Form Shaping Links 62
Twisted spiral necklace 64
Stack rings 66
Coral circles bracelet 68
Jeweled circles necklace 70
Ring earrings 72
Beaded rings necklace 73
Teardrop necklace 74
Twisted copper links necklace 76
Wrapped pearls necklace 78
Wrapped loops ring 80
Faux double ring 81

Chapter 5
Hand Shaping Links 82
Pea pod earrings 84
Falling leaves necklace 86
Double diamond dangle earrings 88
Simple wire earrings 90
Berry cluster earrings 91
Blossoming choker 92
Twisted vines bracelet 94
Wire wrapped bracelet 96
Spiral necklace 98

Gallery 102
About the Author and Acknowledgments 110

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