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Seed Bead Stitching: Creative Variations on Traditional Techniques

Seed Bead Stitching: Creative Variations on Traditional Techniques

Beth Stone

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Seed Bead Stitching explores beadweaving techniques using colorful seed beads and beautiful accents such as pearls and gemstones. Step-by-step photographs and illustrations guide readers through the basics of classic stitches and inventive variations. Includes an introduction to the basics of beads, threads, and bead-stitching techniques. For intermediate and advanced beaders, creative variations and lesser-known stitches are included in the book.

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Author: Beth Stone
Softcover; 8 1/4 x 10 3/4; 96 pages; 300 color photos; ISBN: 9780871162526

Beth Stone is truly passionate about beads and it shows in everything she does. Her creative style and original approach to seed bead stitching are unique in the beading world. Beth follows up her successful Seed Bead Stitching book with even more innovative ideas and variations in More Seed Bead Stitching from Kalmbach Books.
Introduction 8

Basics and supplies 10
Learn all you need to know about seed beads, threads, and needles, and get familiar with basic beading terms.

Chapter 1: Peyote Stitch 16
Start with traditional flat, even-count peyote, then learn how to stitch diagonal and tubular variations.
Bead Play: Bead-stitched clasps

Chapter 2: Brick Stitch 32
Learn basic brick stitch and then alter it to create playful chains, twists, and zigzags.
Bead Play: Brick and peyote

Chapter 3: Right-Angle Weave 40
Create basic bands of right-angle weave, then mix it up with creative double-deck and diagonal variations.
Bead Play: Fun beaded bag

Chapter 4: Tri & Quad Stitches 52
Discover the easy beauty and versatility of tri stitch and its quadrangle variation.
Bead Play: Tri/Quad combination

Chapter 5: Daisy Chain 60
Make daisy chains with the traditional six- and eight-bead stitches, and add layered and alternating variations.
Bead Play: Peyote and daisy combined

Chapter 6: Spiral Rope Stitch 72
Sculpt twining cords of spiral rope, and create variations with different textures and colors.
Bead Play: Advanced spiral

Chapter 7: Russian Stitches 80
Explore three Russian stitches ó Russian Spiral, Fabulous Russian Rope, and St. Petersburg Chain ó then discover new variations and possibilities.
Bead Play: Sampler necklaces and pendants

Final thoughts 93
Acknowledgments 94
About the author 95
I recently purchased your book "Seed Bead Stitching" through Kalmbach. I own a (kinda small) bead shop, and I like beading books and magazines. Having said that, I see so many, and while I often find one piece in each that will encourage me to buy, I have to be more discreet so I don't become a library instead of a shop!
But your book ... not since Carol Wilcox Wells have I lost myself in a book for so long. And dipped into it and found more every time. I love the way you have brought in variations in beads, width and style that change the looks and the character of your finished pieces. And change the difficulty levels to bring in challenges and variety. You have done SO much work, too! Truly, I am inspired!
Ruth Flowers
Warrnambool, Australia.

This book includes an introduction to basic seed bead information and stitches. It begins with a concise overview of seed beads, as well as needles, thread conditioner, and terms. Everyone will appreciate this; if you arenít sure of the different sizes and types of beads then it will be useful and informative. But you wonít find that half of the book is consumed with descriptions and terminology, instead of projects! Donít assume this is a beginner book only! There are innovative examples of ways to expand your use of a particular stitch into new creations.

It is almost impossible to count the number of projects in this book. A new stitch is introduced but then she immediately begins to show you several modifications you can do. By including so many examples of how to vary a stitch, how different the pattern will be by using different sizes and styles of beads, this book gives you tons of information. Many other beading books tend to have a finite list of projects, with very few ways to vary the design. Not here! Beth is sharing her love of beads and stitch designs with all of us. Even if you know some basic stitches, you will still be inspired with new designs by exploring all the examples included. Beth also tells how she managed to turn some ďmistakesĒ into designs.

There were 2 additions I was pleased to find. First was how Beth included instructions on adding drops to your designs, with top drilled beads and teardrop shapes. Second was a section on incorporating your own toggle clasp in your design. I think this really adds a cohesive finishing touch to a piece, since you arenít adding an outside component at all. In fact, in one example, the toggle looks almost like a pendant! My favorite piece is called the ďNona Collar.Ē It has 5 rows of beads in different colors and shapes. The combinations of just this one pattern are absolutely endless in variations. Donít miss this one.

I was delighted at the quality and variety in this book. Itís slim with slightly under 100 pages but you will find lots of information and designs packed inside. She is very free with her expertise and open with how to take any pattern in this book and alter it to fit your needs. I found her suggestion to work with a new pattern to make earrings a great idea; you can practice a pattern but work on smaller projects. While her initial stitch instructions begin with basic patterns all the extras included in this book take it far beyond the beginner stage. Seed Bead Stitching provides something for everyone who does or wants to work with seed bead stitching. by Teri Baskett with S & T Creations (http://sandtcreations.today.com)

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