Done in a Day

Done in a Day

Pelle K. Soeborg

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More than a dozen easy weathering and detailing projects will show you how to add realism to rolling stock and locomotives. Well-illustrated, easy-to-follow instructions make this book suitable for beginning model railroaders.

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Author: Pelle K. Soeborg
Softcover; 8 1/4 x 10 3/4; 88 pages; ISBN: 9780890247624

Pelle K. Soeeborg is a graphic designer in Farum, Denmark. In the early 1990s, several Model Railroader magazines caught his attention, and he has been a model railroader ever since. A trip to the United States in 1992 added to his interest in modeling United States prototypes.
Pelle has written a number of articles for Model Railroader. His images have been featured in MR calendars in addition to Woodland Scenics and Walthers catalogs. He is the author and photographer of the book, Mountain to Desert: Building the HO Scale Daneville & Donner River, by Kalmbach Books, which demonstrates modeling techniques through the construction of his home layout.
Introduction 6

1. Turn a shiny new boxcar into
rolling stock long past its prime 14

2. Add graffiti and tags: A completely legal
way to vandalize a covered hopper 20

3. Weather a tank car to leave no doubt
about what itís carrying 28

4. Weather a tank car to look
as though it hasnít been weathered at all 32

5. A rusted roof is the key to
a realistically weathered old auto carrier 36

6. Give your first-generation double-stack cars
a contemporary look 40

7. An easy flatcar pipe load made
from Evergreen styrene tubing 46

8. Loading a gondola with stainless steel pipes
made from aluminum tubes 52

9. Make a heavy steel-coil load for your
gondolas from styrene strips 56

10. Easy-to-make removable loads
for your open hoppers 60

11. How to give your once-beautiful
Warbonnets a hard-at-work weathered look 62

12. A few improvements and a light weathering
bring an Atlas Dash 8-40CW up to date 70

13. Apply DCC and sound
to an older Kato SD70MAC 76

14. Apply a multi-color paint scheme
to a bare Kato GP35 80

Index 86
In his new book, Done in a Day, author and graphic designer Pelle K. Soeborg walks model railroaders through more than a dozen simple detailing and weathering projects that add realistic touches to rolling stock and locomotives - and all of them can be finished in a few hours. The key is the author's highly detailed step-by-step photos and illustrations. These one-afternoon projects are fun and fast, and most of all, they will make your layout more realistic. Learn simple techniques to turn a shiny new boxcar into a freight hauler past its prime, cover a hopper with graffiti, weather a tank car with realistic spills, rust the roofs of old auto carriers, make easy pipes and coal loads, model a neglected Santa Fe warbonnet diesel, add DCC decoders and lights to your pre-DCC locomotives, and seven additional projects.
-Scale Rails magazine

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