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Building and Detailing Model Aircraft

Building and Detailing Model Aircraft

Pat Hawkey

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Readers will learn how to master construction and finishing of plastic model aircraft with basic skills such as assembling, aligning, gluing, surface preparation, painting, and decaling. Then they’ll be able to add extra details and use more advanced techniques.

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Author: Pat Hawkey
Softcover; 8 1/4 x 10 3/4; 96 pages; ISBN: 9780890247235

Pat Hawkey, a professional model builder specializing in aircraft, has been an active modeler since his youth. He is a contributor to and advisory board member for FineScale Modeler magazine.
4 Introduction

6 Where it all began
11 Game plan
16 Paint, tools, and glue
23 Building almost "out of the box"
1/48 scale SBD Dauntless
38 Enhancing a modern "shake-and-bake" kit
1/48 scale P-51B Mustang
47 Scribing surface details
1/48 scale RF-84 Thunderflash
56 Adding realism with aftermarket details
60 Applying photoetched metal
1/32 scale Fi.156 Storch
66 Combining kits and adding resin parts
1/48 scale Spitfire Mk.IXe
75 Handling vacuum-formed canopies
1/72 scale P-40N Warhawk
82 Vacuum-formed and resin conversions
1/72 scale F-106B Delta Dart, TF-102 Delta Dagger

95 About the author
The model airplane is a hobby in which isn't just for kids anymore. "Building and Detailing Model Aircraft" is an introductory guide for those who want to enter the world of model aircraft construction. With plenty of advice on making one's model more realistic as well as the minor details that often leave people baffled in how to improve the quality of their work, Pat Hawkey brings his love of the hobby and offers much advice. "Building and Detailing Model Aircraft" is an absolute must for any trying to get into the hobby or improve their skill.
-Wisconsin Bookwatch

Pat Hawkey's "Building and Detailing Model Aircraft" (9780890247235, $21.95) provides a fine key to building more realistic-looking model aircraft, using close-up photos to modify inaccurate kits and covering the extra after market details that improve designs. From detailing with paint to creating improved stylings, this offers a fine guide for any home hobbyist.
-The Midwest Book Review

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