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How to Use an Airbrush, Second Edition

How to Use an Airbrush, Second Edition

Robert Downie

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Included are 11 projects covering common problem areas and applications such as detailing a simple snap-together kit, mastering a factory-fresh automotive surface, drawing camouflage patterns, adding dirt and rust, adding complex color schemes, and more.

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Author: Robert Downie
Softcover; 8 1/4 x 10 3/4; 96 pages; 240 color photos; ISBN: 9780890247068

Bob Downie is an experienced modeler who has spent more than 20 years with advanced airbrushing techniques. His show-stopping finishes have won numerous Best Paint awards in competitions, including a Best Paint/Finish award at the 1997 GSL International Model Car Championship. A frequent contributor to Scale Auto magazine, he is a professional industrial designer with his own design and illustration firm in Atlanta, Georgia.
Using an Airbrush

Custom Chrysler 300C
Applying a two-tone fade for a custom look

Freehanding a fine-line camo pattern with your airbrush

’63 Chevrolet Impala
Adding dirt and rust for that lived-in look

Star Wars X-Wing
Use your airbrush to add great details to a
simple snap-together kit

’62 Pontiac Interior
Airbrushing a Catalina’s flamboyant interior

Ford GT40 Mk I
Airbrushing a weathered “post-race”
1969 LeMans-winning legend, stripes and all

Celica Custom
Create an award-winning finish on a custom car

Moto Guzzi V-10 Centauro
How to achieve a spectacular “showroom” finish

’68 Dodge Charger
Step-by-step techniques to achieve a convincing “factory” finish

“Metal Finish” MiG
Airbrushing a realistic “natural-metal” finish

Battle of Britain Spitfire
Creating hard-edge aircraft camouflage with your airbrush



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