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Command Control for Toy Trains, 2nd Edition

Command Control for Toy Trains, 2nd Edition

Carl Swanson

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Features practical advice on operating Lionelís new Legacy system and updated information for running MTHís DCS stystem as well as Lionelís earlier TrainMaster system.

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Author: Carl Swanson
Softcover; 5 1/2 x 8 1/2; 104 pages; ISBN: 9780890247525

By Neil Besougloff, revised by Carl Swanson.
Introduction 4

Introducing command control
Command control history 5
Command control basics 8
The right system for you 14

Lionel Legacy and TMCC systems
System components 17
TMCC-equipped locomotives 23
Adding TMCC to your layout 27
Operating TMCC locomotives 34
Conventional control 42
Advanced operation 45
Converting locomotives 56
Additional answers 60

MTH Digital Control System
DCS components 63
ProtoSound 2.0 locomotives 69
Putting DCS on your layout 73
Operating DCS locomotives 78
Conventional control 86
Advanced operation 89
Running TMCC locomotives 93
Additional answers 96

Glossary 99
Index 101
About the author 103

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